fun ideas for school teachers

start planning an end of school term World Voice Day activity…. below are some fun ways to wrap up the term.


try a “voiceless lesson” … teachers AND students finding other ways to communicate their message….WITHOUT speaking… Then discuss how important voice is in every aspect of our lives.


raise some funds ….start a ‘no-talk-athon’ children get sponsorship from parents and friends for length of silence. Great opportunity to highlight WVD with students and parents, have fun….AND raise some money for school/class


arrange student performances …hold a concert … highlight the importance of voice to sing/speak/entertain.


arrange a Flash Mob in the playground (you don’t need to have a great voice to have fun)


spread the word in the staff room… encourage all teachers to consider a voice check over the holidays ~ after all it’s the most important tool of your trade!!


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