WINNERS~ WVD Teachers Voice Care QUIZ

A huge congratulations to the following teachers and thank you to everyone that entered our on-line Quiz. Also big thanks to Voice Care for Teachers for donating their valuable  resource which will be mailed to each winner.

 Karyn Clark~QLD

Sharyn Bartlett ~NSW

Lynda Burke ~NSW

Heather Collins~ NSW

Kate Fardouly ~NSW

Michelle Emmett~ NSW

Andrew Astill ~NSW

Ian Nisbett~ VIC

Le Anne deRoo ~NSW

Allana Roach~NSW

A sample of the QUIZ responses

List some of the ways to attract attention of your students without using your voice 

Use of an instrument, Kazoo / Whistle

Flashing lights on your head

Play a sound effect on the computer

Turn the lights off and on

Stand still and smile… They wonder what you are up to!

Tell Us 2 creative ways that you could involve your students and school community in World Voice Day Celebrations

Getting the whole class to do vocal exercises together at the start of the lesson.

 Have some voice lessons then make a music video

Sing a song about the sounds your voice can make

Have a comp who uses their voice too much.. Kids tally their teachers

Make a video and enter a competition

Challenge then to make a rap song about the voice

A silence challenge in the classroom


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