2015 – Singers, Stage Presence and good solid Sound Advice

Whether you are in the market for some ‘sound advice’ or just want a day of sharing the joy of singing, the inaugural fundraiser of Australian National Association of Singing Teachers (ANATS) is for you.

‘Sound Advice’ on Sunday 26th April is an event which will raise funds to support singers and singing teachers with  the cost of overseas study. Not only will it benefit the recipients of future study grants, but it will also help to grow our talent and our industry when they return back home.

The event is not limited to fundraising, it’s an opportunity to understand  how to get the most out of  sound equipment, no matter what your style of performance, and then to have an afternoon of fun  with a concert purely for the joy of singing.  It’s open to anyone who loves to sing no matter what age or level of experience.

Please check out all the details here and don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friends at ANATS if you have any questions (all contact info is on the brochure).

sound advice

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