Sydney ‘sang-it’

Sunday 12th April, saw Sydney’s beautiful Paddington Town Hall play host to the inaugural “Sing-it-Sydney” concert in honour of World Voice Day..

The event, sponsored by City of Sydney, the Australian Voice Association, International School of Music, Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy and GMP constructions, was a brilliant and eclectic mix of vocal talents to impress even the most critical ear. It provided 90minutes of entertainment and inspiration to the audience of 300 as well as the 100plus performers who took to the stage .

From opera to contemporary styles, and beautiful four part barber-shop harmonies, the concert had something to suit everyone. The quality of all performances was outstanding and there was little doubt that the Nordoff Robbins KeyNote Signing Choir and Sydney Street Choir were the sentimental favourites.

Organisers of the concert are clear that events like this are about celebrating voice. It’s about bringing local community groups and professional artists together on the one stage to share their joy of singing and of being heard; while at the same time providing affordable and accessible entertainment for the audience.

Dr Daniel Novakovic of the Australian Voice Association, pointed out that as social beings our voice is integral to how we operate in the world and how we relate to each other, reinforcing this year’s theme  “Voice – the original social media”.

There are a number of other events planned this week including a voice care workshop for people who sing in choirs, hosted by the AVA and a second community concert “Voices in the Valley” which will be held in Penrith on Friday.

Please go to the full list of  Australian WVD  activities here.

Congratulations and thanks to all Sing-it-Sydney performers including Sheridan Gaudry, Luke Holmes, The Overcommitments, Sydney Street Choir, Sydney Harmony, Maddy Macqueen Abbott, Katie May, Molly and Paul Walker & Judith Rough.

photo 2 (2)The Sydney Street Choir in action

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