love the magic of those vocal folds

The planning and waiting has come to an end, and the day has arrived to celebrate those teeny vocal folds and say thanks for all their hard word.

Across the world there are over 500 events happening in 52 countries, and Australia is right up at the pointy end in 8th place globally.

This week in Australia we have 21 events that focus on al different aspects of voice – and what it means to each of us. Whether you are a voice health professional, a professional voice user, someone who loves to talk and sing, or someone living with a voice disorder…today has special meaning for you.

It’s also about social inclusion.

This year’s theme “Voice~ the original social media” opens the doors to consider voice as one of the tools that binds people together and builds  community. Whether through community interest groups or community choirs our voice is the thing that makes the connection that we as humans crave.

So wherever you are and whatever you do today, stop and think about voice for just a moment. As you answer the phone, or chat over coffee, in that instant it is your VOICE that is connecting you to another human being, whether they are next to you or on the other side of the world.

Pretty amazing really.

Happy WVD

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