singing for a cause

One of the big additions to this year’s line up of WVD activities is the focus on fundraising for our friends at the new Australian Dysphonia Network.

Dysphonia (difficulty making voice sounds) is a debilitating and life changing condition that  can occur as the result of a number of conditions.  BUT whatever the cause – the impact on daily life will be similar and can be profound.

Can YOU imagine not being able to order your own coffee? answer the phone or read to your kids ? …. not to mention function  in a high voice demand occupation like teaching or performing.

The ADN aims to support people whose lives are affected by voice disorders, while advocating for better awareness and research into early diagnosis and management.

Fundraising performances are planned in Penrith, Paddington and Newcastle – again with the support of Actor and Advocate Paula Duncan AM, and Singer Songwriter Melinda Schneider. Tickets to all concerts available through TICKETEK with profits going to ADN.

If you can’t get along to any of these events – you can still help their cause by donating HERE to their appeal at MyCause. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Voices in the Valley

Sing-it-SydneyHunter in Harmony

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