2017 – ThisIsMyVoice

Now here is a unique opportunity for ALL people interested in voice and voice disorders.

The AustralianDysphoniaNetwork.org has partnered with US based VocalDisorders.org to bring you an online summit over 6 days. Some of the brightest Voice Health professionals in the world will present on a range of voice topics  – right alongside  people who have years of experience living with dysphonia.

vocal unity image

The summit is completely FREE and anyone can register. Registration gives you access to the online presentations for 6 days ….NO….you don’t have to sit glued to a screen ….. you can pick and choose what and when to watch ……..OR you can binge until your heart is content.

The program is currently being finalised but there are sure to be some familiar  Aussie faces and a whole bunch of new ones. #VocalUnity #This is My Voice

Please register  HERE

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