2017 – ThisIsMyVoice

Now here is a unique opportunity for ALL people interested in voice and voice disorders.

The AustralianDysphoniaNetwork.org has partnered with US based VocalDisorders.org to bring you an online summit over 6 days. Some of the brightest Voice Health professionals in the world will present on a range of voice topics  – right alongside  people who have years of experience living with dysphonia.

vocal unity image

The summit is completely FREE and anyone can register. Registration gives you access to the online presentations for 6 days ….NO….you don’t have to sit glued to a screen ….. you can pick and choose what and when to watch ……..OR you can binge until your heart is content.

The program is currently being finalised but there are sure to be some familiar  Aussie faces and a whole bunch of new ones. #VocalUnity #This is My Voice

Please register  HERE

the science of voice

This unique WVD event was hosted by the Australian Acoustic Society  together with UNSW Faculty of Science, School of Physics.

Understanding the Human Voice was presented by Dr Noel Hanna  and the video is shared here for your viewing pleasure…. while you can also read his most recent publication, “Why the human voice is so versatile”



riverside celebrations

Parramatta Riverside Theatres have jumped onboard to help  celebrate WVD 2017 with 2 very special events.

See the remarkable Western Sydney Opera‘s concert Lorenzo Rositano & Friends at Riverside Theatres 18 June.

Be there…Be inspired and Be thankful of all the hard work those little vocal folds do on your behalf as you are entertained by some of the best.

More information or to buy tickets 


OR for a change of pace, visit Riverside for a  fabulously fun way to celebrate WVD – with a special screening of SING…….A great chance to reinforce the lifelong importance of voice to all ‘small humans’ (and their not-so-small companions) who attend the show.

Thanks Riverside Theatres for jumping on the #WVD wagon

south australia shines

SA is shaping up to make some beautiful noise this WVD.
A brilliant line up of artists from  Revolution Vocal Studio are set to entertain and delight audiences @The Jade Monkey on Sunday 9th April from 2pm.

Not only will the vocalists impress with their talents, but their generosity will also inspire. A portion of proceeds from the event will be directed to the AustralianDysphonia Network – a charity which aims to support people living with chronic  and life changing voice disorders .

Tickets available HERE  or if YOU would like to donate to the work of ADN click HERE

jade monkey

….BUT wait there’s more ….

On April 16th (WORLD VOICE DAY) a new local talent will be uneARThed at Whyalla Public Library as part of Whyalla’s (South Australia) inaugural uneARTh Festival.

uneARTh will be a unique concert event that will see Whyalla Recording Scholarship winner Breeze Millard perform her debut single, I Have My Own Life.

Bought to you by Stormfont Productions this FREE event will be the  highlight of your Easter break.


singing for a cause

One of the big additions to this year’s line up of WVD activities is the focus on fundraising for our friends at the new Australian Dysphonia Network.

Dysphonia (difficulty making voice sounds) is a debilitating and life changing condition that  can occur as the result of a number of conditions.  BUT whatever the cause – the impact on daily life will be similar and can be profound.

Can YOU imagine not being able to order your own coffee? answer the phone or read to your kids ? …. not to mention function  in a high voice demand occupation like teaching or performing.

The ADN aims to support people whose lives are affected by voice disorders, while advocating for better awareness and research into early diagnosis and management.

Fundraising performances are planned in Penrith, Paddington and Newcastle – again with the support of Actor and Advocate Paula Duncan AM, and Singer Songwriter Melinda Schneider. Tickets to all concerts available through TICKETEK with profits going to ADN.

If you can’t get along to any of these events – you can still help their cause by donating HERE to their appeal at MyCause. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Voices in the Valley

Sing-it-SydneyHunter in Harmony

and so it begins

Share_your VoiceHere we are – staring down the barrel of the World Voice Day campaign for 2017 and there is so much going on and so much scope to get involved, no matter whether you:

  • sing in a group, a choir (or even the shower)
  • use your voice professionally as a teacher, preacher, compere, comedian or receptionist….
  • like to air your opinion, your ideas or your dreams
  • or just like to spend time with friends and family ……

…sharing your voice is an essential ingredient.

So this World Voice Day take the time to think of how you can share the message of ‘voice’ and it’s importance to every single one of us.

Stay tuned for regular updates on events and opportunities to get involved ….and be sure to let us know if you have plans to host an event, so that we can SHARE it with the world and keep Australia high on the global map of celebrations.

WVD Logo

2016 – singing with joy in their hearts

We just l love these guys…

The Sydney Street Choir ‘stole the show’ in 2015.. and will be back @ Paddington Town Hall for  their encore performance at ‘Sing-it-Sydney’ .

Catch them on 17th April from 7pm, be uplifted and inspired as they share the spotlight with some of Australia’s most recognised talents. ….BUT they won’t care a hoot … as long as they get to sing their hearts out and entertain you.

Proof that Voice really DOES Matter.

WVD @ The Opera House with Lisa

What better place to celebrate World Voice Day than the iconic Sydney Opera House…and how better to celebrate than with the musical history of The Carpenters.

Be transported by the beautiful voice of  Lisa Budin-Price who will take you to places you only dream of. A very special World Voice Day event not to be missed.

Lisa Budin-Price

sing with your heart

A unique opportunity to come together and truly “explore your voice”

Join Chris James on World Voice Day sing with your heart                            feel the  magic of harmonising with a room full of strangers                                 (remember strangers are just the friends you haven’t met yet)

…”you never know where it will take you”…