…voices in the valley…

World Voice Day is a great time to  encourage community participation and to generate some good news stories.

Supported by Penrith City Council, Nordoff Robbins Music as Therapy, Sydney Voice & Swallowing, The Australian Voice Association (NSW) and the International School of Music-Penrith, the concert will showcase the beauty and versatility of local and visiting  voices.


what’s so special about a Soprano?

If understanding the science behind the voice is your thing then have a look at the article about resonance tuning and vowel changes by sopranos.

It might just help us to understand why we are not all born to sing (not ‘well’, at least)



you might even like to take ‘the soprano challenge’



link provided to us by Prof Joe Wolfe over @ UNSW


when speech therapy, singing teaching and vocal coaching intersect

The following article was written especially for World Voice Day by Kathleen Connell, a Sydney based singing teacher and active member of ANATS.

when singing teachers and speech therapists intersect

voice coach

food for thought…why DOES voice matter?

The World Voice Day theme ‘Voice Matters’ opens up so many opportunities to explore what having a voice really means to each of us.

For a singer it matters that they have an exquisitely tuned instrument to perform and entertain… for an occupational voice user it matters that their voice is robust, well trained and healthy, fit for a marathon so to speak…while for regular ‘Joe & Jane Citizen’ it matters that they are able to communicate their practical needs, their opinions, their love, their fears and desires.  There is no doubt that achieving all of this, relies on having functional healthy vocal folds and being skilled in using and caring for them.

However, please indulge my for a minute while I share another personal opinion on why                     ‘voice matters’.

On Friday afternoon I paid a surprise visit to my M.I.L, who at 92, lives in an aged care home on the mid North Coast. When we walked through the front door we were greeted by the somewhat creaky but joyful sound of a group singing in the distance; as we got closer I could hear her (shaky, but very best effort) soprano voice above the rest of the group as they belted out “It’s a Long Way To Tipperary”…

I peeked my head around the doorway to see 10 residents with an average age of somewhere around 86 (accompanied by their Hawaiian shirt wearing guitarist), being transported back to their youth. There they were, in all different states of physical ability, sharing the joy of singing, and the sense of sharing and community that comes with it.

Were they good ? … technically not. Were they happy?…absolutely.

So remember that no matter who you are or what you do, voice really does matter.


one for the singing teachers of the NSW south coast

If you teach singing in the Wollongong ~ Illawarra area you are invited to attend the inaugural “Network of Singing Teachers”  & celebrate

World Voice Day ~16th April


the Wollongong Conservatorium of Music, Keiraville NSW

click for details

singing teacher

registrations open !!



The Australian Voice Association (NSW, Brisbane & Hobart) have now opened registrations for their exciting professional development event to celebrate World Voice Day.

‘be amongst the first to join the Masterclass’

Check out the AVA website for all details and to

Reserve your place NOW

Sydney Masterclass

Brisbane Masterclass



teachers … your chance to WIN

A teacher’s voice is one of their most valuable assets, but prolonged daily use, in often ‘less-than-ideal’ environments, can lead to voice strain and long term damage.

However, this is not inevitable; and with proper care a teacher’s voice can be just as strong at the end of their career, as it is at the beginning.

The team at Teachers Voice Care are passionate about sharing tips for looking after this important tool of your trade, and are offering a chance to win a voice-care DVD for you to share with your school.

Complete the attached simple quiz before FRIDAY 11TH April for you chance to win

Teacher’s QUIZ


fun ideas for school teachers

start planning an end of school term World Voice Day activity…. below are some fun ways to wrap up the term.


try a “voiceless lesson” … teachers AND students finding other ways to communicate their message….WITHOUT speaking… Then discuss how important voice is in every aspect of our lives.


raise some funds ….start a ‘no-talk-athon’ children get sponsorship from parents and friends for length of silence. Great opportunity to highlight WVD with students and parents, have fun….AND raise some money for school/class


arrange student performances …hold a concert … highlight the importance of voice to sing/speak/entertain.


arrange a Flash Mob in the playground (you don’t need to have a great voice to have fun)


spread the word in the staff room… encourage all teachers to consider a voice check over the holidays ~ after all it’s the most important tool of your trade!!


vocal tune up

If you are a singer, vocal performer or professional voice user, World Voice Day is a perfect time for a tune up.

Sydney Voice & Swallowing @ St Leonards are happy to open their doors and provide FREE vocal assessment by Specialist ENT and Speech Pathologist, complete with high quality recordings and analysis. You will undergo a high quality videostroboscopic examination of the vocal folds while singing and speaking, and you will be able to purchase a USB voice recording on the day if you choose.

Click on flyer below for  all contact details … but be quick because appointments are strictly limited.

*NOTE: You will need to have a current Medicare car and GP referral.