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a teacher’s voice matters

Across the globe, teachers are by far the biggest group of occupational voice users; and yet frequently they are not trained in the proper use of their most valuable asset.


While the attached article was produced and circulated for WVD last year, it acts as a reminder of the importance of good vocal habits, so check it out and feel free to repost, print or circulate in whatever way works best for you.

A Teacher’s Voice Matters

how the voice works

voiceHere’s a link to simple multimedia introduction to how the voice works, using video, sounds, sound tracks, spectrograms etc:
There’s a lot here, but it’s fun. The site comes from Prof Joe Wolfe and the team at UNSW, who do research on the voice and musical instruments. They have won several international awards, not only for their research but also for their web sites that present their results in a range of levels, from simple lay-language introductions up to formal scientific publications.
Have a look at
to get started on the voice.

vocal care starts young

Whether you are a school teacher with a class full of kids that love to sing… or a singing teacher of children; the lead up to World Voice Day is a perfect time to reinforce good vocal habits.

Attached is a double-sided, printable handout that was produced for WVD. It will act as a reminder to parents about the need to encourage voice care in their children from a young age.

The author Judy Rough is a Sydney based Speech Therapist with a long history of classical singing. Since her career began in a children’s choir at age 11, Judy has been singing safely for over 30 years and is passionate about the care of young voices.

Feel free to print and distribute far and wide.

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