and so it begins

Share_your VoiceHere we are – staring down the barrel of the World Voice Day campaign for 2017 and there is so much going on and so much scope to get involved, no matter whether you:

  • sing in a group, a choir (or even the shower)
  • use your voice professionally as a teacher, preacher, compere, comedian or receptionist….
  • like to air your opinion, your ideas or your dreams
  • or just like to spend time with friends and family ……

…sharing your voice is an essential ingredient.

So this World Voice Day take the time to think of how you can share the message of ‘voice’ and it’s importance to every single one of us.

Stay tuned for regular updates on events and opportunities to get involved ….and be sure to let us know if you have plans to host an event, so that we can SHARE it with the world and keep Australia high on the global map of celebrations.

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